How to Hide and Change Any Link - Real Domain

 How To Install and Use Masking-URL Tool

It is always the same now in this case and we will download it first using the following command This is a very small tool that does not require any additional reliance, so we can use it in any third party Android app. After the download is complete then we will go to the guide for this tool. That is the only way we can launch this tool using the bash command.

 Step 1 :- First you need to Open the Terminal, Termux. After installation you need to open and type the apt update and hit Enter. Then type the command apt upgrade -y to upgrade the termux. 

pkg update -y && pkg upgrade -y

Step 2 :-  After updating and upgrading the termux then you need to install other packages like, git etc.

pkg install git

Step 3 :- A small and simple tool written in bash, called "MaskPhish". This tool is made by us and is specially available in our GitHub repository. We can add this from our GitHub repository via the following command:

git clone

Step 4 :- Now we just need to navigate to the maskphish directory by simply using the cd command:

cd Masking-URL

Step 5 :-  Use the command below to make the file Permission readable, compact, and effective.

chmod +x *

Step 6 :- We can do this by using the following command:


MaskPhish will then open the main menu in front of us as a screenshot:

Step 7 :-Now we need to set up our URL for sensitive identity theft here or anywhere (via http: // or https: //).

Step 8 :-After that we need to set up a trusted URL, anything that can mislead the victim's mind like or https: // or http: // As we did on the following screen:

Step 9 :-Here we need to use some social engineering words separated by "-" to make an example if the victim is a football fan then we can use something like the footaball skills concept that here we are not using anywhere.

After that we just install it and have our MaskPhish link. We started our URL with and the URL has no ngrok at the exact URL.


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