EDU Mail trick


  1. ​Step 1: Go to this link ( and solve captcha. Then Click on new user and then sign up with email.
  2. ​Step 2: To fill the detail you can use your real name and email but if you are not an US citizen then you can use this link to generate fake user detail. [Note: Save name, username and password in notepad or somewhere it may need later
  3. ​➖
  4. ​Step 3: After filling all the detail click on submit. Now that you have created account lets move on to part two of this tutorial.'
  5. ​After creating account and loging into click on Apply Now. Select any college name from the list and click on Apply.
  6. ​A pop-up will open then click on Apply Now (OR CONTINUE APPLICATION) BUTTON.
  7. ​Then you are asked for different questions.
  8. ​ You can answer these questions randomly or you can use the detail below to answer these questions.
  9. ​First name and last name:
  10. ​Put the name that you have entered in part 1. Leave other field empty. Birthdate, Social Security Number: Enter details which was generated from Gender: Male/Female (as you like) Racial or ethnic identification: White Hispanico or Latino : No Have you ever applied, attended …… : No After that click on Save and Continue. For Mailing address use the detail generated from Is this your permanent address: Yes You can leave telephone number blank. Then check on I have reviewed the guidelines box and click on save and continue. Which ….. high school education: I don’t have a GED/High ……. Last date attended: 01/2017 Highest grade completed: 11th grade. Have you ever attend …. : No I have planned to earn a degree…..: No I plan to start class: Choose any After that click on Save and Continue. Have you ever served …….. military: No Are you …….. military: No After that click on Save and Continue. Parent 1 and 2: Choose any. What is your current status?: Native US…… Primary spoken language: English Do you want……: No After that click on Submit your completed application. After successfully completing the application put on your signature i.e your full name. Then you will be redirect to with all your detail. Under the student information you will get your username and temporary password. Note down that password, username and other details. After that you can go here;jsessionid... and login where you will get your .edu email.

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