Phishing tutorial 2021 - For any Linux OS

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| First, download the free phishing tool by typing this command in the terminal - |

| |

| wget |

| |

| Then, sudo bash |




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1. First you need to make one email for testing(receiving) the phishing email.


2.(install SMTP server)Open your terminal and type sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt install postfix && sudo apt install bsd-mailx


3.Get SET.A tool which can be used for many types of social engineering attacks,but here we will use it to send the mass email


git clone


4.Now type sudo service postfix start.Then type telnet kali.kali 25.The kali.kali is your machine name so type the name of your machine.


5.Open SET folder and open new terminal there.Type sudo python3 setoolkit and your SET will start,then go to social engineering attacks,choose mass email,then choose the second option which is own smtp server and then just follow the instructions of the tool and stop before you send the email to your testing email.You need a phishing page did you forgot about that?! So let’s learn how to get the fastest method to get phishing pages.

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6.In terminal again type wget (skip this if you already done this command). Now go to and register.This is a tunnel app which generates links to your phishing page.After register download the app to your tool paste it and configure it with the token you have from you account.Then you need to open terminal in the folder and type sudo ./ngrok http 80 to start your ngrok server.After that open new terminal in the same folder and type sudo ./ (or sudo bash you will see the menu of the sites that the tool have already cloned and ready for use.Just choose one for example instagram and copy the link of your ngrok window.

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7.This is the last step.Go back to SET and in the email paste the link and you can send it to your testing email.You can also input the link in and html file button for example to be more stealthy.Now open the email click the link and you will be redirected to a fake page,input your credentials and you will receive them in the windows.It shows even country,ISP,city,currency.


That’s all for the phishing spamming emails.We learned how they work and how to protect from these attacks.


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Hope you liked this topic.If you have questions or want to learn more I provide private lessons and courses.


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