Instagram Hacking Using Terminal

1 Open Terminal

2 apt update && apt ugrade -y

3 apt-get install git

{installing git to clone repo}

4 apt-get install python

{installing python }

5 apt-get install python3

{installing python3}

6 cd Desktop 

{changing directory to desktop}

7 git clone (

{This command will clone the github repo}

OK so after completition of 7th command we need to run

8 chmod +x Instagram

after that run

cd Instagram

Now run python -h to get the help menu

Now just simply enter this command

python/2/3 USERNAME OF VICTIM /Path_of_wordlist_file

[wordlist file comes already by default in linux or parrot just extract rockyou in /usr/share/wordlists and replace the path ]

If the users password is in rockyou than this gonna work but if not than its your badluck but you can try other ways if you want

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