Hijacking cryptocurrency using private keys


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And so, straight to the point.

We will be looking for private keys from cryptocurrency wallets.

The first thing we need to do is find a site that stores a large number of private keys. The best ones in my opinion are privatekeys.pw & allprivatekeys.org . I will show on the example of privatekeys.pw .

1. Go to the site and click on Directory.

2. Select the crypto that we want to receive (I recommend looking for Ethereum keys, since there are also tokens in addition to ether)

3. Next, a table will appear in front of us where there are private keys and their addresses and balances πŸ‘‡

Even if there is no balance, you can always check the address for the presence of tokens, for this we copy it.

And go to etherscan.io .

If you saw the balance of tokens, then congratulations you received free tokens.

4. To add this wallet to yourself, download MetaMask . Create a wallet and import the wallet private key with balance or tokens.

5. If the tokens were not added to the wallet, then we return to etherscan. Click on the token we want to add πŸ‘‡

Copy the address of the contract.

Go to metamask and add the contract address.

Congratulations, you have received a token.

If you find a wallet with an ether balance, then we also import the private key and transfer the ether to your address.

We continue

To find the keys, I recommend downloading the electrum.org wallet . The keys themselves are best taken here — allprivatekeys.com/all-bitcoin-private-keys-list .

Choose any key πŸ‘‡

Next, open Electrum and import the private key.

Congratulations, you entered the wallet, now we are waiting for someone to deposit the balance and withdraw to your wallet

Thank you all for your attention!

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