HEY guys welcome to this page i will tell you very intersting thing all about payload but nowdays pepole are very smart they don't click any server or install any apk but we are hackers we have found solution of it that is meterpeter payload it works like payload it's  a virus but victim doesn't open it now if we send victim a pdf file it will open bcoz that is not an exe file not only pdf file image word file ppt file .mp4 and more extension our victim will open it he will see see that file but in background the virus will run and get hacked i hope our Members will subscribe to our YouTube channel(https://youtube.com/channel/UC9H8sUv8y-T6H7BMwE3bUhA),Then I will make a video tutorial on this. ok, so now  let's get into the topic.what is advance meterpeter payload ok, here is the steps <

▪️1- open kali linux

▪️2- go to tools social enginering and select set tool wait it till then it open

▪️3- Now a menu will appear type 1 and press enter

▪️4- Agian many options will come select 3 enter

▪️5- Now agian will two option come just selct option 1 and press enter named file format exploits

▪️6- Give your reverse ip connection if you are doing in internet just simply use no-ip 

▪️7-  Now many options are visible select your format you want to i will use 13 for pdf use as your wish

▪️8- Now it will ask that you want your pdf to bind virus or a blank pdf it depends on your wish i select blank pdf by pressing 2 button and press enter

▪️9- No some confusing options will come just select any depends on your situation

▪️10- Now enter your lhost for listing the payload type and enter

▪️11- Now enter your port and press enter make sure the port is open

▪️12- Press enter it will take some time and genrate

▪️13-Now it will ask for listen port type yes and enter

▪️14-  It wil take some time just wait you will get your exploit 

▪️15- Done send your victim and make sure to convince them to download 

YouTube Channel Link : https://youtube.com/channel/UC9H8sUv8y-T6H7BMwE3bUhA


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