How To Hijack Any Instagram Account | Hijacking Method!

 This method is for Hijacking OG/High Stat Instagram accounts. I’m not responsible for any accounts taken with this method.

Tools needed: - Best Free People Look Up (not widely known)

http://pwndb2am4tzkvold.onion/ - Free Leaked Email search site via TOR

Facebook - great for looking up someone via email/phone number 


MASSIVE list of known OG Instagram Emails and phone numbers (I do not own this)

Known knowledge of Social Engineering

Start by going to the Username list and pick out something you like (many have already been hijacked. the list is fairly old but there are still ALOT of good usernames on it)

If it’s an email, take it to Facebook and try to find an account linked to that email, if you can’t that is fine! But you’ll just be working with less work and truepeoplesearch will be worthless to you. If you manage to find an account Take the owners full name to and you could find more emails to that owner!

After all that head to the TOR look up site! and gather all emails found and them into the email look up and see if you find any passwords. If you find some go to the Instagram login and try out maybe you’ll get lucky! if they don’t work try some that would be similar example if you found that one of the owners passwords was apple1 try Apple1 or apple2, Apple! Apple {Birthday if you found during dox}

If it gave you a phone number put it into and gather your emails and put them into the TOR site!

good luck with hacking.

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