[100% Worked] The easiest way to get Ultimate Express VPN for 30Days 1Month Trial

 Step 1:Go to this url Click this One and take one email something like begin with @email.edu.pl and copy it.

Step 2:You have to go this url which Click this One and fill it the email where did you copy from the step number one. Then, Click Send Email you might see with the red background button beside of the input field.

Step 3:

After you had pressed the Send Email button, it will redirect to the next page and you can see the picture like given down below. You have to turn back to the mail box and check the email again.

Step: 4 You will see this message in your mail box and click to open it. Press “Click to Redeem” button as I shown you down below for the 2nd picture.

Step: 5 You can see this status after you had done so. Please click the link what I highlighted down below.
Step: 6 Fill the information what they needed. You can see that I filled out the form. Jut do it what I does it on. Don’t forget to click the Sign-Up Button at the end of the form.

Step: 7 You could see this successfully created alert message after you had finished step 6.

Step: 8 Please head back to your mail box again. Click one more time what I highlighted the previous mailed box. And click the link again that I highlighted in the picture.

You will see this screen again after that. Just Click the Button as “Get 6 free moths!”

You could see this screen! After that login into the lastpass dashboard.

Step: 9 After you’d logged into the lastpass dashboard panel, click the Security Dashboard as I show you down below.

You could see the message that I highlighted down below. Press the Start VPN button again.

Click Accept.

You will see this message. Then check your email again!

You will received an email from the Express VPN team like this.

Click Start Free Trial

It will redirected to this page and you could see the password it given from the Express VPN. Either you can use their auto generated password of make it by your own. In my case, I would make it by my own password.
Congratulations! This is the last step you could see your Activation Code:



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