📍How to capture Victims ip address By sending a normal link


⭐First go to iplogger.org 

⭐Then paste any Destination url ex - image link, YouTube video link , or any other link based on your victims interest

⭐Now click Get ip logger code and then click next

⭐Now you will get a Link (green color) this link is your automate ip phishing page share with it your victim 

👻 When victim will click the link he will redirect instantly to the destination url and You will get all ip data in your iplogger page 

🍫 You can also short that ip logger code link using bitly.com , tinyurl.com or any other professional url shortner service for making it real and genuine 

☝ Note - For Viewing statistics time to time just copy the url of page where you get the green color link. And save that url for accessing in future. 


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